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To become a "FULL" member we need to verify your home address. We require proof of your home address, this can be a scan of your driver's licence, a recent utility bill such as electricity, bank statement or mobile phone bill. If you are unable to provide this at present, please email it to us at as soon as possible. Without proof of your home address we can only allow you to be "Leaflet Only".

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Terms and Conditions

Registration Conditions

All users are required to complete an on line registration form before using the Resource Centre, indicating a preferred delivery address.

Before borrowing resources, personal details must be confirmed by one of the following: Current Utility/ Council Tax Bill/Driving Licence. These can be emailed to the Resource Centre.

Users must update the Resource Centre on any change to personal details.

All users must abide by the Terms and Conditions. Failure to do so will result in suspension of use. In extreme circumstances the Resource Centre reserve the right to remove a user from its system.

The Resource Centre operates a zero tolerance to verbal and physical abuse of staff. Users who are abusive will have their membership terminated immediately.

Borrowing of Resources

Users may loan a maximum of 6 resources at any one time. All resources can be booked in advance to assist users in their planning.

Items can be loaned for up to 28 days subject to availability. This can be extended for a further 28 days provided this is requested within the last seven days of the original loan period. Further extension after this time will be at the discretion of the Resource Centre and must be arranged over the phone on 01209 615600. Please note we do not extend overdue items.

Overdue resources will incur a charge (subject to change) for each day an item is outstanding. These charges are:

1. OVERDUE ITEMS £1.00 per day per item (including weekends and bank holidays)
2. LOST RESOURCES Overdue fee + Replacement cost + £5 admin charge

Once an item has been overdue for 4 weeks, we will consider it lost and
invoice the user for the replacement cost. Should you have any problems with returning an item within the agreed timescale, please contact the Resource Centre on 01209 615600.

Any user of the centre with an outstanding debt will not be able to loan any further resources until the debt has been settled.

The Resource Centre does not permit its users to pass items onto a third party. Users who do so will remain liable for any loss or damage to the item or any overdue fine if applicable. The user is totally responsible for any resource loaned until it has been returned to the Resource Centre.

The Resource Centre accepts no responsibility for any loss or injury caused by misuse of equipment. The user is responsible for ensuring all equipment is operated/ assembled according to the instructions, and is responsible for ensuring the resources are returned in a clean condition.

Courier Service

The Resource Centre dispatches items via both the NHS and Cornwall Council Courier Service.

Items for non NHS staff can be sent via a local NHS address. The user must obtain approval from the NHS property prior to dispatch.

Larger or fragile items i.e. panels, cannot be sent via courier and will need to be collected in person. (A full list can be obtained from the Resource Centre). 

For Frequently Asked Questions click here


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The information you provide to Healthy Cornwall will be stored securely in accordance with Section 7 of the Data Protection Act 1998 and only accessed and processed by relevant staff. Your information will be used for the purpose of providing a service to you; it would be shared only if there was a legal reason to do so i.e. safeguarding concerns. The information may also be used, once anonymised, for reporting purposes. You have the right to restrict and/or withdraw consent at any time for us to store and process your information. For more information, please refer to our Privacy Notice which can be found on the Healthy Cornwall website which complies with General Data Protection Regulations 2018.

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